Carpet Cleaning You Can Count On.

Why Choose RWR in indiana and illinois

Every service that we perform is thorough, complete and performed with the highest level of professionalism. Using a deep cleaning method that extracts dirt and grime and extends the life of your fabrics and carpet, your carpet will appear brand new. With the newest and best equipment, we can recover more than 95% of the moisture used during the cleaning process, which results in your carpet drying faster and staying clean longer.

Per our process, we use steam to reach deep in your carpets to remove built up dirt, grime and soil. Our steaming process goes all the way to the fiber base and cleans the entire carpet from root to tip, not just the surface like other carpet cleaning companies. When you call on our team for cleaning and restoration, our superior cleaning extends the life of your carpets and fabrics with a lasting cleaning.

For any additional questions about our services or professional team, call us today at (260) 562-2644.