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Mold Remediation in indiana and illinois

Mold can cause severe health issues and risks and destroy your home. Mold multiplies and becomes more hazardous to those that encounter it when in a moist environment. A moist environment allows mold to multiply and grow rapidly. If not removed or treated correctly, it can become out of control. In order to prevent worst mold damage, our team has the capability to safely prevent and remove mold, even in the early stages.

We apply disinfectants that kill the mold and allows us to control further growth. We take moisture readings to determine any additional problem areas. RWR uses HEPA air filtration equipment that removes mold spore particles that are in the air then follow up by drying and using de-humidification equipment to ensure that the source is completely dry of mold growth.

If you notice or suspect mold is growing in your home or business, call us immediately!